Problem With Forever By Jennifer L Armentrout

5 Stars!!

Excellent writing, This is my first read from this Author for this genre. I not only fell in love with the cover and the blurb but the storyline is well written. With so many Young Adult coming of age books out I have to say this one is my top five. So many ways I thought the author was going to take us and boom she does something I didn’t expect. The heartbreaking scene left me is tears. I know that our children services protection is so overwhelmed that when we read about the lives these children sometimes endure is heartwrenching.
This is a story about a boy and a girl under ten who survived being in the foster care system. The abuse these two individuals is heartbreaking. This is their story 5 years later after a night of terror and seperation. They reunite and find each other in different places and how one gets the helped needed and the other not. I recommend this read for all to understand when a human life is broken there is help. In order to get help that person needs to be willing to want it.


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