ARC Reveiw

I started this read blind. I wanted to see if I can read a book without knowing the blurb or synopsis. And bammm!!! I was pulled into a world with hot models and hot actors. I have read many MMF menage type books and I enjoyed all. This is my first MM read. I know its hard to believe but it is and I just had no interest in this genre. Until I read and finished Aced. My mind was blown away with the Authors writing with such naughtiness and hotness done so exquisite. This is no smut romance or a dirty story. This has an actual plot and sexiness. Omg!! so much sexiness and mouth watering scenes. So be warned if you cant handle hot male sex on a stick don’t read. but if you are like me always ready for a new adventure and sexiness then one-click this baby. I cant wait to read the next installment of this sexy series. I am a new fan of these two Authors. The cover is perfect for this story. Because of the cover is my main reason why I wanted to read it. Kudos to the Cover Artist!


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